occupation Latin Jazz Sinfonica

Andreas Schulz >>

Conductor Latin-Jazz Sinfónica & management orchestra Neue Philharmonie Berlin

The German-Russian conductor and pianist Andreas Schulz was born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, in 1982. With the support of the International Music Academy to promote highly gifted musicians in Germany, he studied piano at the College of Music Hanns Eisler Berlin under Galina Iwanzowa and earned his diploma with honors in 2009. The prizewinner of many acclaimed competitions such as the International Shostakovich competition and the International Competition Louise Henriette immediately continued his conductor training under Georg Christoph Sandmann and continually developed his skills further in conducting orchestras. His many years of experience as a lecturer in coaching at several German universities of music (Weimar, Rostock, Berlin) helped him to learn at an early stage how to work with the music of different groups of instruments and enabled him to start his own orchestra, the young Symphony Orchestra Berlin. He performs regularly at various events and festivals as chief conductor of the ensemble. He has also been as a guest in concert halls in and outside Berlin since 2016 with the Neue Philharmonie founded by him. Andreas Schulz has already conducted in the Berlin Philharmonie, the Konzerthaus Berlin, the Admiral Palace and in the sold-out auditorium of the Hessischer Rundfunk and the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. Concert tours have taken him to France, Kazakhstan, Russia, etc. >>more information

Latin Jazz Band >>

Julia Diederich >>

Head of Latin-Jazz Sinfónica. Composer. Latin percussionist.

Julia Diederich’s love of music was aroused at the age of six years when she took piano and violin lessons. The Swabian’s path in life was set with that. Years of schooling with a focus on piano at the music school in Ochsenhausen were followed by private lessons for congas, timbales, small percussion and drum set. In 1994, Julia Diederich graduated from the Latin Percussion School in Munich and the Pentaton Percussion School in Wuppertal, Germany. To add even more rhythm and harmony to her music skills, she prepared at the Swiss Jazz School in Zurich for her world music studies at the State Music Collete in Rotterdam, which she completed with the diploma "Performing Musician” in 1999. Then she graduated from the department "Pedagogy in Instrument Teaching” from the College of Art, Design and Popular Music in Freiburg. As a live and studio musician, Julia Diederich has performed with the Philipp Moehrkes Latin Jazz Project, Atlantis, Per Canto, Fonk Zone, Juraj Burian (Pat Metheny Group), Juraj Tartar (Jan Hammer Band), Hubert Tubbs (formerly Earth, Wind & Fire) and the Plazzo-Colombino-Ensemble under the musical direction of Rainer Lenz, among others. The graduated percussionist has toured in countries such as Slovakia and Cuba. She also has experience as a band leader. In 2003, the passionate musician founded and led the 20-strong mambo orchestra Afro-Cuban City Big Band. The Latin Jazz Sinfónica! would not exist today without Julia Diederich. She is responsible for having come up with the name and the program. As co-arranger, she sets accents with her percussion playing and acts as coordinator between the various musicians on tours..
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Eduardo Mota >>

Percussionist. Drummer.
Latin percussionist.

Everything began for Eduardo Mota with folklore and church music in Brazil. His first band during his school years was followed by engagements in many popular ensembles, and the percussionist also passed on his knowledge and passion as a music teacher. Studies in the area of Afro-Brazilian music at the state university of Salvador da Bahia brought Mota artistically to the next level and resulted in a tour through Brazil. Then Eduardo Mota studied classical music at the Universidade Federal da Bahia. He made his way to Germany in 2010 within the context of an exchange program with the College of Music in Dresden. Since then, he has performed in countless bands, orchestras and ensembles and is also in great demand as a soloist. >>more information

prof. matthias anton >>

alto & soprano saxophonist
composer. lecturer.

Matthias Anton was born in Filderstadt in 1979. He discovered his passion for saxophone at the age of 12. His musical talent was quickly recognized and encouraged. Matthias Anton took private lessons from Elmar Schäfer and Tom Timmler. Martin Kneer also recognized Anton's talent and made it possible for him to participate in the big band and the combo of the Trossinger High School as well as take preliminary studies at the Trossingen University of Applied Sciences in the field of jazz and popular music with a major in piano. Matthias Anton studied saxophone with Professor Jürgen Seefelder at Mannheim College of Music and with Professor Bernd Konrad at Stuttgart College of Music. He has been a lecturer and honorary professor at the State University of Music Trossingen since 2005. He teaches music theory, editing and perception at the Hohner Konservatorium Trossingen. Matthias Anton is at home on many stages and in numerous styles. Regardless of whether jazz, classical, Latin or soul, his sound is authentic, challenging and clear.

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Heiko Hubmann >>

trumpet player.

Maxim Zettel >>

percussionist. composer.

Samba, Bossa Nova, Choro, MPB, Salsa, Son and Rumba: Maxim Zettel's passion has been Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music for many years. However, other genres such as pop, funk, Latin jazz and flamenco are also part of his permanent repertoire. His musical versatility is demonstrated in numerous concerts, shows, studio recordings as well as his own arrangements for percussion. In addition, he participates in show productions of well-known event agencies. Music has taken him to many European countries from Spain to Ireland to Ukraine, but also to countries outside Europe such as Brazil, China and Lebanon. Since 2007, Maxim Zettel has been working as a lecturer for Brazilian percussion at the renowned "Codarts" University of Music in Rotterdam, famous due to its having the only department for world music in Europe. It is also considered a benchmark for international comparisons.


prof. german klaiber >>


German Klaiber is the man for a charming, expressive groove and much in demand internationally. Born in Baden-Württemberg in 1967, his first musical love was the violin. He remained faithful to strings, only his instrument became the bass. Prof. Klaiber studied at Swiss Jazz School Bern, Stuttgart College of Music and Western Illinois University (USA). He was a student of John Clayton from 1997 to 2002. He now teaches himself, among other things, as a lecturer at the Trossingen University of Music, a professor of ensemble at the Freiburg College of Art of Art, Design and Popular Music and as head of renowned jazz workshops. When he is not teaching, Prof. Klaiber plays live or in the studio with Herb Ellis, Franco Ambrosetti, the Zipflo Reinhardt Band, the Norbert Gottschalk Quartet, Sorry it's Jazz, tours with the Patrick Tompert Trio and performs as a freelance musician.

>>more information

rainer lenz >>

singer and presenter.
keyboarder. producer.

The native Westphalian is an announcer, keyboardist, singer and accordionist. Due to his enthusiasm for music and recording technology, he trained as a sound engineer at the Music Academy in Basel and founded the acoustic media sound studio in Freiburg. Mr. Lenz and his team specialize in the production of audio books and advertising trailers. He continues to play music in the studio and on concert stages. Rainer Lenz sings in the Kilian Heitzler Big Band, inter alia. He has been a singing teacher at the Music-Lab Emmendingen since 2006. Rainer Lenz works as a presenter for the Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! Lends and enriches the program with his stage presence.

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Ulrich Röser >>


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Christoph König >>

Arrangeur & Orchestrator. Komponist. Jazz-Violinist. Solist.

Christoph König sifted through different styles of music from classical to rock and gypsy swing to modern jazz on his way to becoming a professional jazz violinist, composer and arranger. Classical violin studies under Wolfgang Rausch were followed by jazz studies under Didier Lockwood in Paris and the saxophonist Matthias Nadolny as well as his own successful projects such as the band Uwaga!, the jazz string quartet Hot Club of St. Pauli and the Christoph König Quartet. Since then, the crossover-specialist has skillfully moved in the border area between classical, jazz and world music. The pet passion of the exceptional musician is improvisation. However, there is a long learning process, competence and discipline behind the spontaneity. König’s unique pieces for Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! excel due to the experience of their composer, enthusiasm for Latin music, and above all. >>more information

Philipp Moehrke >>

Keyboard player.
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heiko gottberg >>

guitarist. lecturer.

Heiko Gottberg was born in Rastatt in 1978. His education on the guitar began in his home town in 1991. Jürgen Lammer and Harold Holl taught him rock, blues and jazz until 1999. The guitarist then studied at the International Music College Freiburg and has been a "state-recognized music teacher/professional musician in the field of jazz and popular music" since 2005. He teaches as a lecturer at the Rastatt Volkshochschule and an employee at the Städtische Musikschule Achern-Oberkirch. Mr. Gottberg is also active as a studio and live musician in various projects in Germany, France and Switzerland. His playing and fondness for guitar synthesizers is reminiscent of Pat Metheny. Consequently, it was not a coincidence that he and other fans of the guitarist founded the Metheny Tribute Group. Anyone who hears Gottberg's sound is immediately hooked by it. Seeing and experiencing him during his improvisations opens up not only your spirit but also your heart. Heiko Gottberg's compositions are equally soothing. The light and melodically flattering piece "Try" is part of Latin-Jazz Sinfónica!

>>more information

holger rohn >>

tenor & soprano saxophonist
composer. lecturer.

Holger Rohn studied music with a major in tenor saxophone at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern. He has enriched many projects and bands with his clearly defined sound, melodic line and special drive in more than three decades as a saxophonist. Mr. Rohn knows no genre boundaries. He accepts challenges with curiosity and openness. He has played in orchestras, gained experience in bands from blues to rock and regularly proves that church organ and saxophone can be combined very well. Marla Glen has already relied on his skills, and the all-rounder has fascinated audiences as part of the Afro-Cuban City Big Band. Holger Rohn is an integral part of the Kilian Heitzler Big Band, plays in the Ingmar Winkler Quartet, the Simon Holliday & Band, and his own compositions in his own quartet. When he is not on stage, the passionate jazz musician teaches at the College of Art, Design and Music in Freiburg.

Andreas Pompe >>

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christian ehringer >>

lead trumpet player. jazz. virtuoso

Graduate trumpeter Christian Ehringer studied jazz and popular music under Professor Stephan Zimmermann at the Mannheim State College of Music and Performing Arts. He also studied classical trumpet under Kurt Nagel. Concerts with Farin Urlaub, Laith Al Deen, Noel Gallagher, HR Bigband, Gregor Meyle, Marla Glen, mardi gras.bb, Get Well Soon and UJRE are among the special stages of his career as studio and live trumpeters at home and abroad. Christian Ehringer is a sought-after musician in numerous musical productions, for example, at Mannheim National Theater, Nuremberg State Theater and Frankfurt English Theater. He is also instrument teacher at various music schools and lecturer for various youth jazz orchestras.

matthias füchsle >>

lecturer. producer.

He gives the Latin-Jazz Sinfónica! its heartbeat: Matthias Füchsle. The internationally sought-after, exceptional drummer learned how to handle bass drum, snare drum and cymbals while studying “Jazz & Popular Music” at the Jazz School Zurich, from where he graduated with a diploma and summa cum laude in 2001. Mr. Füchsle's play, which effortlessly changes from fantastic grooves to melodic, was influenced by teachers such as Nico Looser, Tony Renold, Dennis Chambers, Jack DeJohnette, Julio Barreto, Walter Keiser and Claus Hessler. His concerts and tours in clubs and festivals have taken the drummer through Europe and to Asia. His musical diversity can be heard on numerous CD recordings and makes him a sought-after band member. Mr. Füchsle drums for Fridge People and the Matthias Anton Group, among others, and performs as a freelance drummer in a wide variety of ensembles. He received the “Kupferle” art prize with his band DietkrØns in October 2006. He founded his record company Foxtones as well as the CD distribution company Jazzandrecords in 2007. Successful national and international CD productions have been released under his label Foxtones. He teaches at the Swiss Music School MKS in Schaffhausen, the IMCF-International Music College and the College of Art of Art, Design and Popular Music in Freiburg.

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Jens Müller >>


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orchestra >>

passion. engagement. level.

1. Violin (11)

  • Jialia Guo
  • Janeth Sapienza
  • Jorge Moyeja
  • Tommaso Rocca
  • Juan-Esteban Rendon
  • Alba San Quirico Corral
  • Charlotte Jonen
  • Anait Vaniian
  • Daria Gubareva
  • Sihyun Lee
  • Alma Becker


  • Federico Dalpra
  • Sojeong Son

Oboe (1)

  • Jian Kim

Double bass(2)

  • Victor Vivar
  • Rosemary Salvucci

Viola (4)

  • Rancis Ricardo
  • Hyojung Cho
  • Kyunghwan Choi
  • Ruth Mogrovejo


  • Miguel Hurtado
  • Christoph Götz

Violoncelli (3)

  • Felicia Dercksen
  • Susamme Knast
  • Alonso Urrutia del Rio

Clarinet (2)

  • Ruben Staub
  • Marie Knaudt

Tuba (1)

  • Takuya Kishimoto

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